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Turn your hobby into art in most creative way

Turn your hobby into art in most creative way. Here we have some pretty resources for you.

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 Here Is A List Of 74 Possible Hobbies And Interests
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 How To Make A Seahorse Out Of Paper(Creative Hobby)

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Pokemon GO: 5 Reasons Why You Should Play

Are you obsessed with Pokemon go because i know i am but would you believe that there are people out there who just aren’t convinced enough to play, so to all those Pokemon go players out there hit the thumbs up and to all those that don’t play, i have five reasons why you should start playing today.

I’d like to take only a few seconds here to explain what Pokemon go is to the people that don’t really know, Pokemon go is an alternate reality game that you play on your phone. you travel around to different parks libraries and churches catching different virtual Pokemon and fighting in different pokey gyms. that’s a very general overview though.

Now what makes Pokemon goes so freaking awesome is that this is the Pokemon game we’ve been waiting for four years. when Pokemon red and blue or first released, we were also amazed and yet secretly deep inside, we wanted the actual ability to travel around our schools and catch real Pokemon and finally now after 20 years, it’s a real thing so if you’re not playing Pokemon go here are my five reasons why you should.

Number One

Pokemon go gives you a reason to get out of your house, they’ve been tons of articles that have come out that show that Pokemon go is great for helping people with depression, anxiety and the fear of leaving their own home.

Pokemon go is working wonders for mental health. the whole premise of the game is to not sit at home and play but instead to go outside to travel across the land searching far and wide. for many people with mental health issues, sometimes even getting out of bed can be hard but now that the game is intersected nostalgia game-play and the social activity, it’s a lot easier for people to go outside.

Number Two

Pokemon go helps connect people with other like-minded people, now i have to admit i first thought it would be kind of weird running into other people playing but when I actually did it was kind of awesome.

Everyone playing has the same goals to catch where Pokemon to level them up and to be the leader of your own gym and meaning someone else on that journey is super cool whether it’s standing around on a street corner after Laura module has been launched or watching a bunch of people run over to go catch a rare Pokemon.

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<p>(via <a href="">Why Your Man Doesn’t Answer Your Texts</a>) </p>

(via Why Your Man Doesn’t Answer Your Texts)

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Good morning messages

Send Good morning messages with shayari to your girlfriend and impress her with beautiful and cute quotes to make her morning special and let feel your love.

Good morning messages

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Good Morning Shayari

Here are some Hindi hood morning shayari for you to impress your boyfriend and girlfriend.

1. हर सुबह की धूप कुछ याद
दिलाती है, हर फूल की
खुश्बू एक जादू जागती है,
मानो ना मानो पर ये सच है
मेरे यार, सुबह होते ही आपकी
याद आ जाती है गुड मॉर्निंग.

2. हर सुबह को आपको सताना हमे
प्यारा लगता हे, सोए हुए
को नींद से जगाना हमे अच्छा
लगता हे, जब भी किसी की
याद आती हे तो, उसको भी अपनी
याद दिलाना अच्छा लगता हे.

3. इस प्यारी सी सुबह में, प्यारे
से मौसम में, प्यारी सी कोयल
की आवाज़, प्यारी सी हवाओं
में, सबसे प्यारे इंसान, और
सबसे प्यारे दोस्त को मेरी तरफ
से गुड मॉर्निंग का पैगाम.

4. आज कुछ घबराए से लगते हो,
ठंड में कपकपाए से लगते
हो, निखर कर आई है सूरत
आपकी, बहुत दीनो बाद नहाए
से लगते हो ?

5. नींद भारी आँखों को ज़रा धीरे
धीरे खोलो, इस प्यारी सी सुबह की
नमी से अपनी पॅल्को को ज़रा धो लो,
हमने तो आपको बोल दिया है गुड
मॉर्निंग, अब आपकी बारी
हैं हमे गुड मॉर्निंग तो बोलो.

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Romantic Pick Up Lines

You can use these pick up lines at anywhere. Like if you want to praise someone’s beauty than you can get pick up lines related to beauty in our best 29 romantic pick up lines collection.

If you like a girl at park of shopping mall and want to spend your life with her, but do not know how to start talking then you can use this pick up lines to impress her and she will start thinking about you. This is the magic of this pick up lines.

Romantic pick up lines always work. First these are in only 2 lines and easy to remember. But very effective. You would know it when you will read this romantic pick up lines.

♥If I had a flower 4 evry time I thought of u and will think of u…I wud be walking in a garden…4ever.

♥If beauty were time, u wud be 4ever.

♥u r the light I see glowing brightly at the end of the tunnel.

♥ur eyes r dark like a castle moat at night. Lower ur drawbridge, my queen, and let me cross.

♥u r physically perfect. The only flaw is…ur lips…they’re 9t touching mine.

♥(While holding a flower) Hi. I was just showing this rose wht beautiful looks like.

♥How r u feeling? (She says fine) I said, how r u feeling? I didn’t ask how u looked. (Wink)

Posted 30 weeks ago

How To Propose A Girl

How to propose a girl nicely and in a romantic way so she says Yes and you have a your dream life partner.

Posted 30 weeks ago

Win a Girl’s Heart

How to win a girl’s heart to impress her and maker her your girlfriend.But what to do before proposing her, Read here.

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We decided on our blog to raise the issue of health, but rather to talk about health and its connection with love. In childhood we don't think about the state of his health. We run carefree through the streets, looking around in flying cars, lasim the tall trees, jumping like monkeys from branch to branch and be surprised when we hear how our parents every meal I wish you health birthday.

Over time, but rather over the years, we begin to understand that all the same, health matters and not in vain for him to raise the toast. Usually, we understand this only when we start to worry: when it begins to split at the side when walking on the steps, when it begins to weather to a headache or ache from bone fractures, migrated in childhood. Then appears in our mind the question: "am I recovered?".

Why are we careless about their health?

Why is it that we think about health only when we have something hurts? After some thought, I came to the conclusion that this is largely due to our upbringing. In my childhood and adolescence most children and adolescents are not brought up by your parents and TV and the street. What we see on the "idiot box"? Smokers and drinkers of Hollywood stars or show business, happy children running to McDonald's to funny clowns, idols absorbing chips and washing them down with Coca Cola and lots of other "junk" information, which is needed only for the promotion of the huge corporations that spit on oura healthy body, because it always can take at least as powerful pharmacology. That's what gives us our "educators". What about the parents? Most parents of my peers went head first into the business and making money, and the children did not have enough time. As a result, many principles of life in children on a subconscious level, formed originally, are not faithful representations.

There is a bond of love and health?

Now consider a relationship of love and health. I think it is not? But you're wrong. This relationship is so close that one is not possible to be without the other. The long absence of love in human life, after some time it begins to negatively affect his body. Man falls into depression, he has apathy towards life, work and even leisure. Lack of love usually begins to offset cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and lots of cake and buns, and this naturally has on health. But, for example, again in human life there is love and now answer yourself this question: is it possible to truly enjoy the love if there is no health? ... No! When health is undermined to such a state that thoughts of love are constantly interrupted by thoughts of how to recover the love in the end you can lose. It is a vicious circle.

There is a solution
There's always a way is a healthy lifestyle. You have to force yourself to eat right, exercise or enroll in a fitness club, to get rid of bad habits, to always be in a good mood and then will come back to you health and love and the world will be filled with bright colors. You will want to live and not just live, but to live at "full speed". But it is necessary not only to adhere to a healthy way of life, but also to bring it to their children, grandchildren and even friends.

How do you feel about your health? Keep a healthy lifestyle?